Modeling Work Group

Purpose of Work Group (WG)

  • Develop a better understanding of the capabilities, inputs, assumptions, and outputs of the CRA MRN/NEEM (Macroeconomic) model that will be used to evaluate the 8 Macroeconomic Futures and Sensitivities and the GE MAPS (production cost) model that will be used to analyze the Roll-Up Plan and the final 3 Transmission Build-Out Scenarios.

    • Identify concerns or issues, seek answers, make recommendations and report to EIPC Stakeholder Steering Committee (SSC) regarding the MRN/NEEM and GE MAPS modeling to be performed.

  • Identify with CRA the matrix of specific required inputs for MRN/NEEM to be provided by SSC and advise the SSC and Scenario Planning Work Group (SPWG) on model inputs, outputs, process, and limitations to assist them in the development of the 9 Macroeconomic Futures.

    • Coordinate wit the Roll-Up Work Group (RUWG) to identify and issues that could impact model inputs, assumptions, modeling, or results.

  • In coordination with and within the parameters set by the SPWG, make recommendations to the SSC on the blues for the inputs and assumptions to be used for modeling the 8 Macroeconomic Futures.

    • Identify as appropriate data or analyses needs

    • Work with resources (E.g. DOE / National Laboratories

    • Collaborate with CRA to ensure model consistency

  • Review outputs and results of MRN/NEEM and GE MAPS modeling and provide a report on the interpretations to SSC.

    NOTE:  The final version of the Scenario Solutions (including additional from Tasks 7&8) has been posted on the Modeling Results page.

Work Group Official Sector Representatives

(* indicates SSC member)

End Users

  • Ryan Kind, MO Office of the Public Council *

  • Erin Hogan, NYSERDA

  • Brenda Harris, Occidental Energy *

Transmission Owners & Developers

  • Tyler Ruthven, National Grid

  • Allen Myers, ITC - Great Plains

  • Dennis Chastain, TVA

Generation Owners & Developers

  • Steve Gaw, Wind Coalition *

  • Michael Goggin, AWEA

  • Mark Volpe, Dynergy

Other Suppliers

  • Dennis Sobieski, Hess *

  • Doug Hurley, Synapse Energy

Public Power - TDUs

  • Paul McCurley, NRECA

  • Maryam Sharif, NYPA *


  • Rob Sinclair, Ontario Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure

States (EISPC)

  • Joe McKinney, Public Service Commission of West Virginia *

  • Doug Gotham, State University Forecasting Group

  • Hisham Chouelki, Publi Utilites Commission of Ohio


  • Will Burns, Burns Law, ECC

  • Samir Succar, NRDC

  • Matt schuerger, Energy System Consulting Services

Ex Officio

  • Joe Bryson, U.S. EPA *

  • David Meyer, U.S. DOE *

Technical Advisor

  • Stan Hadley, Oak Ridge National Laboratory