EIPC Documents

This page contains documents relating to the formation and operation of EIPC, official press releases from EIPC, and information on management of Critical Energy Infrastructure Information (CEII).

General Documents

EIPC Planning Authority Agreement - Revision 4 (06/17/2010)

EIPC Comments in Docket AD09 8 (11/23/2009)

Whiteley Prepared Statement for AD09 8 (09/21/2009)

EIPC Update & Overview (08/27/2009)

Press Releases

EIPC Announces New Officers as of 8-28-19

Final EIPC Frequency Response Analysis (04/03/19)

EIPC Issues State of Interconnection Report (10/03/2018)

EIPC Announces New Officers (10/23/2017)

EIPC Announces New Officers (01/12/2017)

EIPC Announces New Officers (01/05/2016)

EIPC Completes Gas-Electric Study (07/09/2015)

EIPC Announces Consultant for Gas-Electric Study (10/23/2013)

EIPC Issues RFP for Gas-Electric Study (08/02/2013)

EIPC Completes Transmission Analyses (04/29/2013)

EIPC Completes DOE Phase I (12/22/2011)

EIPC Announces Executive Director (03/26/2011)

EIPC to Study Electric System Futures (05/21/2011)

SSC Members Announced (07/07/2010)

DOE Funds EIPC Study (12/21/2009)

Secretary Chu Announces FOA Funding (12/18/2009)

EIPC Announces New Officers (10/29/2009)

EIPC Submits Proposal to DOE (09/14/2009)

EIPC To Seek DOE Funding (05/22/2009)

Critical Energy Infrastructure Information (CEII)

EIPC CEII Process for Stakeholders

EIPC Meeting Guidelines for CEII

EIPC Contacts for Stakeholder CEII Processing (12/09/2015)

EIPC CEII Elements and Guidelines (posted 12/27/2011)

How CEII will be handled in meetings - MEMO (posted 02/07/2012)