Scenario Task Force

Purpose of Scenario Task Force (STF)

The SSC has appointed this task force to lead the effort to develop recommendations for the SSC related the three scenarios.

  • Each sector  has one designee, except EISPC, which has three.  These individuals represent their sectors in any decision-making undertaken by the task force.  (EIPC) also has a liaison to the task force.)

  • All recommendations made by the task force will be subject to approval by the entire SSC.

  • Task force calls and meetings are open to the participation of all interested SSC members and other stakeholders.

  • The group's basic timeline:

    • July SSC meeting: Present preliminary recommendations on Scenario selection

    • September SSC meeting: Present preliminary recommendations on Scenarios to be studied, based on the criteria and objectives approved by the SSC and the results from the MRN-NEEM analyses.

    • November (or final SSC meeting of 2011): Present final recommendation on the three Scenario and additional NEEM runs that may be needed.

Task Force Official Members

  • Robert Sinclair, Ontario Power Authority (Canada)

  • Doug Nazarian, Maryland PSC (States)

  • Eric Callisto, Wisconsin Public Service Commission (States)

  • Jim Volz, Vermont Public Service Board (States)

  • Mark Volpe, Vermont Public Service Board (States)

  • Stu Nachmias, ConEdison (Transmission Owners & Developers)

  • Maryam Sharif, NYPA (Public Power)

  • Herb Healy, EnerNoc (Other Suppliers)

  • Will Burns, NGOs (NGO)

  • Ryan Kind, MO Office of Public Counsel (End Users)

EIPC Liaisons

  • John Buechler, NYISO

  • Dan Fredrickson, MAPPCOR