Scenario Planning Work Group (SPWG)

Purpose of Scenario Planning Work Group

  • Recommend the the EIPC Stakeholder Steering Committee (SSC) a set of diverse macroeconomic futures for selection, and if so directed by the SSC, make recommendations as to the eight futures to be employed and up to nine sensitivities to be used within each.

  • Fully develop the eight macroeconomic futures and the sensitivities selected by the SSC, so that they meet CRA's needs.

  • Recommend to the SSC which three scenarios should be assessed in reliability studies.

Work Group Official Sector Representatives

(* inidcates SSC Member)

End Users

  • Sonny Popowsky, PA Office of Consumer Advocate *

  • Alice Jackson, Occidental *

  • Robert Weishaar, McNees, Wallace & Nurick, LLC

Transmission Owners & Developers

  • David Boguslawski, Northeast Utilities

  • Tsion Messick, Pepco Holdings, Inc.

  • Matt Lacey, GRE

Generation Owners & Developers

  • Michael Goggin, AWEA *

  • Steve Gaw, The Wind Coalition *

  • Mark Volpe, Dynegy

Other Suppliers

  • Dan Hartman, NW Kansas Regional Energy Collaborative

  • Marie Pieniazek, ECS

  • Robtert Stein, HQUS Energy Services

Public Power - TDUs

  • Paul McCurley, NRECA

  • Gabe Stern, CMEEC

  • Tim Noeldner, WPPI Energy *


  • Mike Zajmolowski, Ontario Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure

  • Rob Sinclair, Ontario Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure

States (EISPC)

  • Diane Barney, New York Department of Public Service

  • Greg Carmean, Maryland Public Service Commission

  • Scott Morris, Alabama Public Service Commission


  • Mark Krewowik, Sierra Club

  • Ellen Vancko, Union of Concerned Scientists

  • Seth Kaplan, RENEW

Ex Officio

  • Joe Bryson, US. EPA *

  • David Meyer, U.S. DOE *